Autism Advocacy Network

Some may think autism advocacy is a choice, but the simple fact is autism advocacy is a necessity given the barriers to support and inclusion autistic individuals face. Modern technology and innovations in communication can and should be used to empower autistic advocacy. Other interest groups are already utilizing data science and machine learning on a daily basis.

Navigating autism advocacy can be very difficult for some on the autism spectrum. Some autistics have felt bullied, while others have felt left out of the autistic advocacy movement.  Autism advocacy should be about helping to empower autistics.

People on the autism spectrum should be able to work with other autistic individuals with the help of data science to achieve their advocacy goals. The AAN is a science-based social assistive technology to help with this kind of social reciprocity. As the saying goes, Nothing for us without us,” but don’t forget, “Nothing for us without us all”. Let’s respect one another and be heard. Parents can also be one of the most powerful allies.

Just wait and see what is possible.

yourname@autismadvocacynetwork.com coming soon.