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Autism: Identity & Dignity as a Right

It is widely accepted that all people are entitled to dignity. This basic right is enshrined in various international human rights documents and is considered a cornerstone of humanity. However, there are groups of people who are often treated without dignity or who have their dignity violated on a regular basis. One of these groups is people with autism. Autism is a developmental disorder that … Continue reading Autism: Identity & Dignity as a Right

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Online Autistic Advocacy

What is online autistic advocacy? There are two very different groups when it comes to autism spectrum disorder (ASD), those who see autistic people as a community and those who see them as part of the autism community. Each group has its own unique perspective, and each offers a different level of support and advocacy. The autistic community is made up of autistic people and … Continue reading Online Autistic Advocacy

Autism Rights Movement

Autism Rights Movement Since the early 2000s, autism rights organizations have proliferated in number and size, with some groups now numbering in the thousands of members. The autism rights movement seeks to promote a social model of autism and challenge what they see as the dominant medical model of autism. The autism rights movement is a social movement that advocates for the recognition of autism … Continue reading Autism Rights Movement